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1. I started using CinchBucks recently. The point that really impressed me was the reward, at a very difficult time in my life it has helped fill a huge deficit in my income and allowed me to continue my work. For the most part of my day i usually spend my time browsing the internet. Cinchbucks actully allowed to make my time more productive by simply allowing to participate in surveys.

Jim E. Bowen


2. Really I have no word for CinchBucks. Before joining CinchBucks I hesitate to join survey sites as I am not sure whether these sites will pay or not or they are scam But when I saw so many payment proofs on CinchBucks I became too interested to join these sites and I had joined them and till now I am using their benefits and this is all because of CinchBucks. CinchBucks is really doing a great job by giving such a great platform where we have all the genuine paid survey sites available under one roof and most amazing feature is that we can see the proof of payments from all other members. All Payment Proofs on CinchBucks are 100% real.. And I am having a great respect for CinchBucks.. Thank You so much CinchBucks!

Patricia J. Burden

3.Cinchbucks has truely changed my life in a huge way. Sounds cliche but really, it has. I get to earn little by little on here. Purchasing a $5 gift card may seem petty but it is such a rush knowing I can contribute to this family in a financial way! My daily life is far more interesting now as i can productively utilize my time and spend it to earn some real money. Thank you CinchBucks!

Lydia G. Rhoton

4. I just wanted to share my story on how CinchBucks has helped me! CinchBucks helped me be able to provide my niece with toys and sometimes diapers and other necessities. Two and a half years ago my sister had a beautiful little girl and asked me to help take care of her. My niece is like the daughter I have never had and I would do anything for her. I am so grateful that Cinchbucks has made it possible for me to buy her items I would not have otherwise been able to afford.

Ann E. Stair

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