How To Unlock Gift Code Generator Sites With No Human Verification

by Maria J. Louder, Gaming  Editor

Published in Gaming on 20/10/2019

In this comprehensive guide I will reveal the secret of unlocking free gift codes using your favorite gift code generators. The best part is that we have discovered a powerful new way to get free gift codes, with absolutely no human verification required.

If you're in a hurry, then just skip down to the end of this article where we reveal a working method that will allow you to bypass generator sites and get your code without having to complete any human verification.

What Are Gift Code Generators?

Gift code generators advertise the ability to generate free gift card codes instantly. Gift card codes can be redeemed online and in real world stores.

There's no denying it's a powerful concept and there are now hundreds of free gift code generators for a plethora of brands such as:

  • free PSN codes
  • free iTunes gift card
  • free Steam wallet codes
  • free Google Play codes
  • free Amazon gift card codes

Gift code generators are usually fairly simple websites with either one page, or just a few pages. This makes them easier to navigate and users can start the code generation process more easily.

free psn codes generator no human verification

Guide To Using Generators Without Verification

Step 1: Choose Which Gift Code You Want

This is a very important step because you may not want a $50 gift code - instead you may only want a $10 code:

free itunes gift card generator no human verification

Step 2: Share With All Your Friends

This is usually an optional step, but it does allow you to let all your friends know that you've been using a gift code generator. This might also increase your chances of getting your code with no verification required.

Imagine how impressed all your hundreds of friends will be, when they discover you've been using a generator site!

Usually there will be a wide range of social networks to choose from including Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter:

free steam wallet codes generator no human verification

Step 3: Instantly Generate Your Free Code With No Verification

This is where you unlock the power of the gift code generator. You may need to wait a few moments while the generator works, but eventually it will generate a code.

This code will be partially hidden because you haven't completed the human verification process yet. Usually you would have to complete a survey or download an app in order to complete the verification.

To bypass the gift code generator human verification process requires you to complete the following exact sequence of steps. Please make sure you follow them very closely or this method might not work.

free google play codes generator no human verification

Step 4: Realizing You've Been SCAMMED

Thankfully, I can cease my quintessentially british sarcasm now.

The truth is that gift code generators don't work. They are a scam designed to convince you to complete a survey for the site owner. Usually they will earn about $1 out of your misfortune.

The human verification process is just another cunning form of deception, designed to convince you to complete the survey or download.

If you want to earn a free code for real then use a real points site like Cinchbucks, or just fork out the money and actually buy one.

You can download Google Opinion Rewards app from Google Play for Android as well as App Store for iOS devices.

You will instantly get the credits for every survey that you finish enabling one to earn around $1 on the finished survey. You might win a few surveys each week, and there are chances that you only get one survey weekly. It only depends on the number of polls can be found to fill each week.As Google creates the polls partnered with third-party firms itself, the majority of them are likely to be different than polls and feedback took by other websites. Google Play gift Cards Generator No Survey from Google Opinion Rewards may even ask your view about the favorite emblem designs out of two different design sets, or your view about a particular politician, and your favorite brand of soft drinks.You can find other protected methods to complimentary Google Play credit is by downloading showcased games and applications.But getting paid to take surveys need to be your main or secondary method to acquire free Google Play codes. You might also try other methods which rely on downloading apps, games, or watching movies.

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