How Much Are Cinchbucks Affiliates Earning?

by Helen R. Peacock, Affiliates  Editor

Published in Affiliates on 23/10/2019

Cinchbucks is a website which allows users to earn free gift cards by completing paid surveys, doing offers and watching specially incentivized video advertisements. Our brand has grown to become one of the most trusted rewards platforms on the web.

However, some exceptional users are successfully earning significantly more the average user, through our Affiliate Program.

Before you get too excited though, I want to emphasise that these are exceptional results, requiring determination as well as a viable strategy.

In this article I will give you a sneak peak at the earnings of top affiliates, and some insights into how they managed to earn so much!

Some Crazy Affiliate Earnings

Probably the best thing about the Cinchbucks Affiliate Program is that anyone, no matter which country they live in, has equal prospects for success!

Country: United Kingdom, $2154

Country: Brazil, $567

Country: Peru, $1616

How Are They Doing This?!

Obviously every affiliate uses a slightly different strategy, but over the years I've grown to recognize some consistent themes and approaches.

Contrary to frequent rumors, none of the examples I showed are from top YouTubers or Instagram influencers. These are ordinary users who took some time, to think carefully about how to promote their referral links.

They Establish Niches & Communities

Everyone loves the idea of earning free gift cards, so there are plenty of different audiences you can try to appeal to.

Some affiliates create communities based on different games they are interested in. For example, Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG and Roblox are very popular games right now. These gaming affiliates make it fun, make friends and inspire trust.

For others their niche is purely about making money online. In that case they focus on getting their followers excited about different programs such as Cinchbucks. Showing proof of earnings and teaching people the best earning methods is the key to success for these affiliates.

It doesn't necessarily matter which niche you choose, since affiliates do well in all niches. Overall it's better to be part of something, rather than just being another stranger sharing referral links.

They Leverage Social Media

Social media is a great levelling force for people on the internet, since your voice counts equally no matter where you are from. Affiliates use social media as a home for their communities by establishing groups, pages and community forums.

Right now many of our top affiliates are creating YouTube channels, growing their own Discord servers and building up followers on Instagram.

They Invest Time, For Residual Traffic

If you invest your time wisely, then you can earn money in the future without investing any more time. It's eventually a lot better than charging per hour for your time. That's the basic concept of residual income.

Most of our affiliates understand this concept quite well. They create videos, write articles and grow communities. Over time this content starts attracting a regular flow of internet traffic into their referral links. They have very little work required to maintain the content they already created, and they can expend their energy into making new content and increasing their earnings.

Here are the some of methods that have worked very well for these affiliates. And I think everyone should try this if you are seriously looking for referrals. However, let me remind you that it’s not a completely free method. Nothing comes for free guys but I am not talking about money here. This method requires you to complete some simple task.

Getting Direct Referrals Using Getref- GetRef is a site that like the name indicates are made exclusively to get referrals. After joining this sites, it requires you to perform a simple task like clicking ads, registering for other sites as Direct referrals. It's not necessary that you have to work on those sites permanently, you just complete their request, in return, you will be rewarded with points. This points can be then used to set up your own offer and get referrals for your site.

Advertise Your Referral Links- You can try PTC advertising - advertising through PTC sites by spending some money. Almost all PTC sites sell ad credits which you can buy and advertise your site. You should give it a try. One thing guys, please don't spam in chats and forums!

Use Traffic Exchanges to Get Referrals- Traffic exchange sites basically give you an opportunity to get traffic to a new site. You visit other sites and earn points and this points can be used to bring visitors to your site and if they are interested they might even join you, chances are never zero. Easyhits4u is one of the best traffic exchange I have ever used and I will come up with a detail review and tips shortly.

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