5 Ways To Get Referral Points With Blog Referral Links

by Helen R. Peacock, Affiliates  Editor

Published in Affiliates on 23/10/2019

Referral programs are a great way to organically spread the word about products and services, but you have to let happy customers know that they can benefit from your program.

Whether you show off the program on your website’s homepage, send out an email to tell your customers, or find an influencer to spread the word, you have to promote your referral program in order to see success.

When we announced the launch of triple referral bonus points from blog referral links it was huge news for our experienced affiliates. However, we didn't elaborate with practical methods that could help our less experienced affiliates. Today we'll highlight some great ways to take advantage of blog referrals.

What Has Changed?

Triple referral bonus points are now awarded for any new users referred through a blog referral link. That means that if you were going to earn 10 points, now you will earn 30 points.

Cinchbucks referral points

We introduced this feature because blog posts have generally lower conversion rates, but are much easier to share. In addition, we're now publishing a daily stream of new content related to gaming, entertainment, making money and other relevant topics.

With blog referral links you can enjoy sharing relevant content, while at the same time accumulating referral points!

What Methods Are Top Affiliates Using?

Top affiliates are using blog referral links to great effect. Here's a few insights into the kind of methods they are using!

Facebook Groups

If you have an established Facebook account it takes just a few minutes to create a new Facebook Group. For example, you could create one called Make Money Articles and leave it open for anyone to join. Other people will share their content too, but you'll be able to pin yours to the top of the list whenever you like.

This method might take a little while to grow, but eventually you'll have a massive group with a huge audience that you can monetize whenever you like. If you set your group to "open" then you won't even have to do the work of accepting new members.

Question & Answer Sites

Many top question sites like Quora now have relevant pages for almost any question. For example, search Quora for "games for girls" and you will find questions asking about what games girls like to play. Then write an answer which includes a link to our article The Most Popular Games For Girls. Most people will see this as an improvement to your answer, since you're linking to relevant sources of more information.

sharing referral links

The advantage of this is that the diverse topics on our blog, open up infinitely more questions and niches for you to answer. In contrast, if you exclusively share links on questions about "free PSN codes" then it looks very artificial and will probably get you banned.

Remember that it's important not to spam links. Instead write a useful, long answer to the question and add your link to the bottom.


Create your own Pinboard and pin images, linked through your blog referral link. Those images will then start showing up in Pinterest search and the Pinterest feed. Also, remember to add keywords to the description of each pin, to make them more visible.

When someone clicks them they will be sent through your referral link, to read the article, and you stand to earn referral bonus points. It's very unlikely they will ever even realise that they were referred by someone!

Use targeted email marketing

Email is one of the best ways to get in touch with your customers. When you introduce a new referral program or want to get fresh eyes on an existing one, send a well-designed email to your customer base that focuses on the deal. promote referral program by email If you want to be especially successful with this method, target those who’ve actually bought your products and services, as opposed to those who simply email subscribers. For example, if you buy a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon, the eCommerce giant will soon encourage you to buy a case for your new device. This highly-targeted tactic can do wonders when you’re selling products or promoting a referral program.


Few people realise that, once you've earned enough karma, Reddit allows you to create your own subreddit. This could become a great place for you to aggregate content, including blog referral links.

For example, you could register the subreddit /r/GamingArticles and then share a mixture of articles from Polygon, Cinchbucks, etc. Even allow other Redditors to share their articles there.

Share Daily

Another advantage of blog posts is that they are safe to share with your familly and friends. Noone is going to get upset with you for sharing articles about gaming or entertainment on your facebook feed. Therefore whenever you see a good article on our blog, consider turning it into a blog referral link and then sharing it on your own socials too!

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