How To Get Referral Points (The Right Way)

by Helen R. Peacock, Affiliates  Editor

Published in Affiliates on 22/10/2019

Referral programs are a great way to organically spread the word about products and services, but you have to let happy customers know that they can benefit from your program.

Whether you show off the program on your website’s homepage, send out an email to tell your customers, or find an influencer to spread the word, you have to promote your referral program in order to see success.

A common challenge many new affiliates face is that they don't know how or where to share their referral links responsibly.

Often it can feel like you're invading someone's space, or imposing yourself for purely selfish reasons. Links routinely get blocked or deleted because the audience isn't receptive. That's not a nice feeling for anyone involved, and it's never sustainable in the long term.

Spamming is definitely not the right way to do referrals - our top affiliates certainly don't spam - so here's some powerful tips on how to get started the right way!

Think About Value

The key to promoting referral links is to think constantly about perceived value. Is the audience you're promoting to interested in what you are talking about? Would you say that you are contributing content that helps them, or are you just trying to skim profits from someone else's efforts?

Solution: There are many different ways to create value. One way is to create your own content, by creating your own blogs, youtube channels, etc.

Alternatively, you can create value by aggregating and organizing existing high-quality content. For example, create a Facebook group and then post referral links to our blog posts. In that case it's a good idea to also find and share other sources of great content too, so that you're not perceived to be self-promoting just one thing.

Cinchbucks referral points

Think About Territory

The internet is a more territorial place than you think. Nearly every important page you visit has been created - often with a lot of passion - by someone who is heavily invested in their content. Considering that person has spent years growing a forum or social media community, what makes you think they are going to let you invade their space for profit? In many cases their audience will even become upset and demand your removal.

Solution: This might seem obvious, but many people don't realise just how easy it is to grow a social media community these days. Target the right keywords/hashtags in Facebook groups, Pinterest and Tumblr and you'll quickly grow a huge audience. Often without having to do much work, apart from the occasional maintenance. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a Facebook group!

Think About Residual Traffic Sources

Residual traffic is long term growth that you get for free. For example, a YouTuber will always get some new views on their old videos. Even though traffic might be relatively slow in the short term, in the long term you can generate huge traffic to your referral links by choosing residual methods.

youtube affiliate llinks

Solution: This is a similar issue to territory. Instead of invading other people's spaces with posts and comments that will be quickly buried below other people's posts - slowly grow your own spaces. The best place to find residual traffic is on social media. Look for social media sites that allow you to create pages and groups which will fall under your control.

Think about Using targeted email marketing

Email is one of the best ways to get in touch with your customers. When you introduce a new referral program or want to get fresh eyes on an existing one, send a well-designed email to your customer base that focuses on the deal. promote referral program by email If you want to be especially successful with this method, target those who’ve actually bought your products and services, as opposed to those who simply email subscribers. For example, if you buy a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon, the eCommerce giant will soon encourage you to buy a case for your new device. This highly-targeted tactic can do wonders when you’re selling products or promoting a referral program.

Think About Scalability

If you've found a consistent method to get referral points, then it's time to think bigger. How can you scale your methodology to reach a larger audience?

Solution: Usually the best way to scale your influence is to cross-post on different social media. Branch out and create an empire for yourself!

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