How To Get Referral Points With

by Helen R. Peacock, Affiliates  Editor

Published in Affiliates on 28/10/2019

One of the most common ways is to advertise on PTC sites. Although that has become stale very quickly due to the over saturation of low quality referrals that comes from these sites. An alternative method would be to advertise via Bing Ads, using free Bing ads credits, you can hope to gain some fresh referrals that are possibly from your target country of choice.

With almost 2 billion users, and thousands of groups that allow self-promotional posts, Facebook is one of the easiest ways for our affiliates to earn.

Facebook members can join up to 6000 different groups and are fully entitled to share their referral links in groups that allow self-promotion. When a user makes a post to a Facebook group notifications are potentially sent out to thousands of group members.

Anyone can start earning points with referral links on Facebook!

Step 1 - Get A Facebook Account

Most of our affiliates will have completed this step already. Most internet users have a Facebook account, even if they don't use it that regularly.

Having a Facebook account with a long history of posts, comments and social interactions is a valuable thing, because it tells Facebook that you're not a bot that is there just to spam their platform.

If you're registering a new Facebook account we recommend you take this very slowly. Ensure you have a full profile with a thumbnail and personal details added before joining any groups. Join only a few groups per day and don't make too many posts too quickly. As your account gets older you can gradually increase the rate at which you join and post to groups.

Step 2 - Finding And Joining Facebook Groups

If you have an established account, with a long history, you have nothing to worry about and can join as many as 1000 groups a day without having any problems:

joining groups

Perform a Facebook search for groups with keywords that are relevant to our niches such as "make money", "work from home", "playstation", "bitcoin", etc. It's best not to join groups that aren't relevant to Cinchbucks - because they will see your posts as spam and report you.

We recommend you join groups that have labels like "310 active posts" or "423 new members" since this means they are highly active and there will be human beings there to see your referral links. Also, it's best to join "closed groups" only, because in our opinion "open groups" have simply too much spam for you to be noticed.

Once you join some groups it may take a little while to get accepted into them. So take a break and make some coffee before we move onto the next step!

Step 3 - Sharing Referral Links To Groups

Once you're accepted into some groups you can start posting referral links:

sharing referral links

We recommend you write some text as well in your posts to tell users what you're promoting. If you're able to speak the language of the group this is even better because people will trust your advice more.

It's important to know that Facebook promotes the posts that get more likes and more comments. So try to engage group members in conversations as much as possible, since this will bring many more free views to your referral links.

Finally, it's important not to spam. Post to each group only 1-3 times a day, depending on how active it is.

You should also write a different piece of text for your referral links at least once per day, since Facebook will not be happy if you're reposting the same text a million times on their platform.


You'll earn 10% of the points your referrals earn, as well as bonus points when users sign up. Therefore if you post to enough active groups you'll be able to earn a lot of points.

The wonderful thing about Facebook is that it's a site that everyone already understands and knows how to use. Most Cinchbucks users have established Facebook accounts that will allow them to share referral links to thousands of groups per day. The potential to earn points on Facebook is virtually unlimited!

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