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Nothing is better than real cash. And getting free money through UPI is easy and fast - direct deposit take only 1-2 days to transfer to your bank account. Complete studies and get free money through UPI with Cinchbucks.com and be able to purchase things that you need or want faster.

Useful For Small Transaction

Before the UPI, You may have not paid ₹10 or 20 by using the debit or credit card. The card transactions are costly and small shopkeepers avoided it. But, UPI has changed the scenario. Now every shopkeeper or street vendor is ready to accept UPI payments. The smooth and low-cost transaction had made it feasible for small shopkeeper and consumer as well. Once, you start using the UPI, you need fewer visits to the ATM. The UPI has made the merchant transaction very easy.

Free Fund Transfer

There were days when you have to part 5% of the amount for the fund transfer. Visa and Mastercard still charge 1-2% of the amount for making payment to the merchant. NEFT and IMPS are not costly but It would certainly pinch if the transaction is small. But, The UPI is Cheapest. The costs are so low that Banks have made it free. Most of the banks and payment apps do not charge a paisa. However, let me tell you that cost is involved in this payment method. But, the banks, NPCI and mobile app companies are bearing this cost just to promote the UPI fund transfer. Thus, in the future, there can be some charges. Nevertheless, it is certain that the UPI Fund transfer charge would be cheapest.

Rewards and Cashbacks

There are many UPI based mobile apps. All of them are competing to capture the maximum number of customers. Thus, to lure the customer many UPI apps are giving rewards and cash back for making transactions. The Google Pay, SBI Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm and Phonepe are the big names which give rewards for using the UPI payments. You may have learned that some people are making transaction just to earn the cashback.

Privacy of Bank Account

You would agree that the convenience of the online transaction comes with the probability of fraud. That is why we are wary to share our account details and card details with anyone. The UPI has addressed this problem. It had found out the way of the fund transfer without the disclosure of bank account number or card details. In the IMPS and NEFT, you have to share bank account detail to get the money. In the UPI System, UPI ID or VPA is used in place of the bank account number or card number. But in this method, you do not required to share the account number for getting the money. You have to only give the virtual payment address or UPI ID. the virtual payment address is similar to our email ID. e. g xxxxxxxxx@upi It is easy to remember this UPI ID. In fact many mobile apps find out the UPI ID by using the contact details. Hence, you even don’t need to know the UPI ID or VPA of the benefeciary.

More Secure

Not everyone uses the card for payment. Not everyone uses the netbanking for the online payment. People are reluctant to use the cashless methods because of the security concern. What if someone overlooks your PIN while you punch it at the POS terminal. What if the website steal your credit card data and uses it for the international transaction. The UPI has minimized this concern. Actually It is more secure than the present mode of transaction. In the transaction through the UPI, you never share you bank account details. You do not enter your credit card number or CVV. You only give a virtual payment address which does not give any clue about your bank account. Also the authentication takes place at your smartphone. It is done by punching the UPI PIN. You can easily make it discrete while typing at your smartphone.

One App, Many Accounts

It is a novel thing. Initially I could not digest the fact that all of my bank accounts can be accessed at one place. The UPI has made it possible. You can link all of your bank account at one UPI App. Thus, you do not need different apps of different bank account. One UPI app, which may not be from your bank, can be used to make payment from your bank accounts. However, you have to choose a default bank account. So that if anyone makes payment to your UPI ID, the money goes to the default account number.

Various Apps To Choose For

You also get the liberty to choose any UPI based app from the google play store. It is not mandatory to use the App promoted by your bank. Your bank account may be with the ICICI Bank, but you can use the UPI app of the axis bank. Before using an app, check carefully the interface and ease. There are many Non- Bank UPI Apps which are quite popular. Some apps also give rewards for making transaction. The popular apps are Google Pay, Phonepe, Paytm, SBI Pay, Mobikwik etc.

Instant Transfer

The UPI is based on IMPS platform. Thus It works 24 x7. You can make the payment any time. There is no restriction on holidays or odd hours. The bank strike will also not affect the UPI payments. In fact, it is so fast that you would not be able to stop payment. The UPI not only make instant fund transfer but registration is also instant. In the NEFT and IMPS methods of fund transfer, you can’t transfer money just after the registration. There must be a cooling period. It varies from 30 minutes to 24 hours. But, UPI does not need registration for making a payment. Enter the beneficiary details and make payment. No hassle.

Request Money

If you have given a service or product to someone and want the payment, what would be way to ask for the money? You will send a person or make a call. You would agree that getting money from a party is always tough. There can be numerous excuses. But, the UPI would give more power in the hands of biller and It would not be easy for the client to give excuses. The ‘Request Money‘ facility of the UPI sends a message directly to the party. This message is sent via the bank. It only asks approval for the payment. If the client approves, the money would be remitted instantly. If the client does not approve, it means he/she does not want to pay. Now the biller can deal it differently. Beware, Some fraudster may send you the unsolicited request of the payment. So approve only those payment which are genuine. Punch the UPI PIN only after the full assurance.

No Loss of Interest

In a mobile wallet, You deposit money upfront to pay for the recharge, bill payment, shopping etc. So when you put your money in the mobile wallet it does not earn any interest. If you deposit ₹1000 in a mobile wallet for a month, you would loose ₹3 of the interest. You would have earned this amount in the bank account. In the UPI, you do not lose this interest as your money does not leave the bank account. The amount gets debited from the account at the time of the actual transaction. The wallet does not come in the middle. The money goes from one account to another.

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