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Free INR 1000 PayTM Money

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Once processed, you should receive an message from PayTM. Please note that the phone number on your PayTM account and your set PayTM phone number on cinchbucks must match to avoid any issues. We aren't responsible for sending to the wrong phone number so please make sure your payTM number is correct. PayTM payment will be sent in INR currency and will be converted to the currency of your payTM accounts.

Brand Details

One of India’s largest online wallets and mobile e-commerce platforms, Paytm is your one-stop destination for recharging, paying bills and online shopping. Now you can recharge your mobile phones, DTH, Data card or Metro cards in a jiffy and pay your mobile bills, electricity bills and other utility bills without any hassle using Paytm. Additionally, you can also book movie tickets, travel tickets, hotel rooms and buy anything from clothes to automobile accessories on Paytm.

Shipping & Handling

1. This voucher will be emailed to your Email ID, so please ensure you provide us a valid email id. 2. Free Shipping for all e-Gift Vouchers. 3. The voucher is usually emailed within 3 working days from the time we receive your payment and activation of the voucher will take another 24 hrs

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